Wednesday, May 02, 2007

The Beginning of Last Things

We had two major events this week...

First, Bobby's last birthday here in St Louis. Happy 30th!!!

And second, we paid our last rent check!

Another exciting "last thing" will come next week - May 9th will be my last day at work! (good thing we won't have to pay anymore rent checks...)


Nick, Annie, Aiden, and Sophie said...

I know, wasn't it the best feeling to pay that last rent check ever! (hopefully!) I took such joy in writing it! :) How cute that you got a picture! I'm sure we'll all look back in 30 years and laugh at how little we used to pay for rent in seminary. Nonetheless, it has taken its toll on our checking/savings account with no income this year! :)
Happy Birthday to Bobby! We'll miss celebrating with you all next year!

Brandy said...

hey! i have that shirt! :) glad you are coming home!