Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Long week

I have to work 6 days this week, it's going to be torture, plain and simple. Our department is on a 6 week rotation to work on Saturdays and this is my week. Now, it may not be too bad on a normal week, but lately work has been draining! I work 11:30-8 Tuesday thru Friday (9-5:30 on Mondays) and most nights I've been staying until nearly 9, if not later. The travel agency I work for is a "travel redemption agency." So you know when you see commercials for credit card companies that you can earn points towards travel if you use their card? Well, once the points are earned, the cardholders call me to redeem them for travel. Fun stuff, huh? It's actually a great way for us to earn business though, I mean, if they want to use their points, they HAVE to book their travel through us. Guess it is a pretty good idea... Well anyway, we also offer service to some companies that offer travel awards for their salespeople, and in one particular instance, an unnamed pharmaceutical company. Well, these overachievers have a bunch of points expiring at the end of the month and so you can imagine how extremely busy that makes us. But hey, I guess I shouldn't complain, those pill-pushers are paying my bills.

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